The Text Messaging Platform for
Vacation Rentals

Add GuestNetix SMS to your property and watch your guest satisfaction soar.

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Why should you add texting to your property?

Guests Are Mobile

Over 90% of adults in the US have a mobile phone.

Guests Already Text

Over 78% of mobile users are active texters.

Guests Prefer Text

48% of smartphone owners would rather communicate by text.

"Before GuestNetix, it would be rare that guests would call us. With the text-based system, we hear of a lot more problems, but that's actually makes people more likely to come back and visit us again because they've had some interaction, and they see that we care about our properties and helping make sure their vacation is 100% awesome."
-Joey Stocking, Bear Lake Cabin Rentals

2-Way Guest Texting

The ideal communication solution for a mobile world.

GuestNetix is the easiest way for guests to report problems, request amenities, ask questions, and provide feedback to hotel management...all from their own mobile device.
Guests are 4 times more likely to report problems via text than by phone or email.

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Streamlined Checkout

A revolutionary way to collect guest feedback during checkout.

GuestNetix's text-based checkout solution increases the percentage of guests formally checking out and also increases guest feedback by making ratings and reviews a seamless part of the checkout process.
GuestNetix properties have seen average guest checkout rates increase from 30% to over 75%.

Join GuestNetix today.

Increased guest satisfaction.
Get setup in less than 15 minutes.
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"The number of guests leaving reviews increased by over 4 times simply by making feedback a part of the checkout process."

"GuestNetix encourages guests to articulate their questions and allows you to resolve them efficiently. It converts A+ service into 5-star reviews."