If you are spending all of your time on social media trying to generate more rentals and finding that you are seeing little to no results like Matt Landau at the Vacation Rentals Marketing Blog, you just might need to take another look at your social media marketing campaign. The idea with social media isn’t necessarily to put in a lot of time and expect higher ROI. The idea as he learned later on is to get your guests to do the most of that work for you.

According to Stikkymedia.com 61% of US travelers report using social media while on vacation about 70% of those update their facebook status and post vacation photos on various social media networks during their vacation stay. With these statistics in mind it would be a mistake to overlook social media as a marketing tool for any small business owner. Here are the 4 worst social media mistakes that vacation rental owners make while trying to incorporate social media into their marketing plan:

Not using online tools to manage their social media accounts

Using tools like Hootsuite or Buffer, you can post to multiple social media networks at one time and even schedule posts to be automatically posted at specific times of the day. This way you can spend a little time once a week to create one or two posts, and then have these pushed out to several accounts without having to log into each one separately.

Not putting information about their social media accounts where guests will see them

If you make information available about your social media accounts where your guests will see them, there is a good chance that they will take the time to visit your page and even post their own comments and pictures there, especially if you have an open wireless network for them to use. Giving guests an incentive to like your page or tag your page in posts can help spread the word about your rental, especially if your guests are having a great time.

Not taking advantage of the power of hashtags

Several social media networks use hashtags to make it easier for users to find specific information. Using hashtags allows users to both see what past guests have posted, and to post comments or even pictures of their vacation for other guests (or their friends) to see. Pushing out a post that contains hashtags to multiple social networks will also let people search that hashtag in Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and facebook. Users can also do a Google search on any specific hashtag and instantly pull up anything that has been posted on any social media network using that hashtag, making it a great way to market promotions.

Not using photos effectively

Last but not least, when it comes to sharing about your rental, photos are key! Social media services like Instagram with more than 200 million active users, and pinterest hovering just under facebook and twitter with nearly 5 million users, are a great way to show potential guests what your rental has to offer. With the internet and social media use on the rise, marketing has become more visual, and people want to see photos. (To get your pictures right on several different social media platforms, see this image sizing cheat sheet from rentallect.) Combine these with hashtags, and your guests will be sharing your content with their friends in no time, especially if you have some great content readily available for them to share.