Getting bad reviews is one thing that vacation rental owners dread. While poor reviews do provide valuable insights into how you can improve, they also slow down bookings. The good news is that there is plenty of research available showing how to improve customer reviews. Here are 6 simple ways that you can improve your vacation rental ratings.

  1. Anticipate top complaints and address them before your guests arrive

Steven Brenner at cross pollinate compiled a list of top guest complaints from his 14 years of experience in the vacation rental industry. Among the top five are skimpy breakfasts, plumbing problems, and lack of useful information on things like nearby attractions, how to access amenities, and procedures to follow in case of an emergency.

  1. Personalize their stay

A personal greeting at check in, a hand written note with directions on how to use features that need additional explanation, or a special treat left in the room for your guests adds a personal touch that will help them feel special. Just this alone can make the difference between 4 and 5 stars in customer reviews. For more ideas on how to personalize your guests’ vacation experience, see this list of 13 ways to ensure a happy guest from

  1. Make sure there is enough of everything that your guests will need for their stay

There is nothing more annoying than discovering the lack of something important right at that critical moment when you really need it. Never let your guests to run out of clean towels, toilet paper, bedding, dishes, soap, or other amenities that are normally provided with the room. If you have a large party or if your guests are staying for a longer period of time, it’s a good idea to check in every so often to make sure they have everything they need.

  1. Provide a way that you can respond immediately to complaints

Leave a way for guests to contact you immediately at any time in case there is a problem. Text messaging provides a way to offer immediate interaction so that you can resolve issues that may arise quickly and efficiently, letting your guests know that you care about their comfort, and that you want them to have the best experience possible.

  1. Provide a user friendly way for guests to leave immediate feedback on or before checkout

According to the Hospitality Marketing blog, guests are much more likely to leave feedback for you while they’re still on your property. Once they have returned home, they will be dealing with their busy day to day activities and catching up on work that may have piled up while they were away. The easier you make it for your guests to leave feedback, the more likely it is that they will leave a positive review. Remember to keep things short and simple, and leave room for guests to leave comments.

  1. Use social media

If you have a facebook page, a twitter feed, or hashtags for popular social media services, give your guests the opportunity to interact with you by making this information available to them. If your guests are having a great time, they will want to share that with their friends! reports that by next year, 9 out of 10 consumers will have a mobile subscription, and that currently, 72% of mobile users post vacation photos on social media networks during their vacation stay.


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