We’ve passed the halfway mark for the summer holiday in the US, but that doesn’t mean people have slowed down their vacation plans.

This infographic from Netamatix gives some insights into the vacation property rental market, and some of the top reasons consumers choose vacation rentals (and how property managers can improve their listings).

Some notable takeaways:

  • Rising Popularity: 24% have stayed in a rental home (up from 20% in 2011)
  • Value & Privacy: Value for price and privacy are the top 2 reasons travellers choose vacation rentals
  • Competitive Research: The average traveller looks at 4 vacation rental websites and about 7 properties before booking
  • Images Matter: 83% are more likely to make an enquiry if there are more than 20 photos (only 6% of properties feature over 20 photos)
  • Descriptions Matter: 64% are more likely to make an enquiry if the description of a property is more than 2,000 characters (39% of descriptions are currently less than 500 characters)
  • Amenities Matter: 41% more enquiries for properties that listed over 20 amenities than those that listed less than 5
  • Mobile Matters: Four out of 5 vacationers bring a mobile phone with them.
  • Video Matters: 31% watched travel video before booking their stay